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An in person 6 week Workshop in Marin for couples

Do you want to have better connection and sex and intimacy with your partner again?

More spontaneous quality one on one Time, like Date nights and exciting sexual exploration that feels connected?

Transform your relationship, have deeper intimacy and more powerful passion,

Learn in a community of likeminded friends in a Playful and deep workshop experience with relationship experts Sasha and Moritz Kerkmann Hood who have 20 years plus experience working with couples around the world on changing their relationship reality.


Feel seen and met again, passionate, sexy and energised together.

Ladies, do you want to feel seen by your partner again?

Men, do you want to overcome the argument and have more sex?


Speak the truth and master amazing communication skills in your marriage.

What you will Learn in this 6 Week in Person Workshop:


  • powerful communication tools

  • Somatic body awareness 

  • Ending arguments around Money in relationship

  • Stepping out of low self-esteem and into empowerment together

  • Feel connected in your desires (even if you want different things)

  • Find your purpose together

  • have sexy Boundaries

  • Creating a safe space for Sexual exploration with your partner

The Workshops are Playful and potent teachings!
Grow in Loving company of Likeminded Couples
Work out current challenges in real time!

Every week Sunday from
Six Potent Workshops
  • Workshop 01 - April 16th 2023

  • Workshop 02 - April 23rd 2023

  • Workshop 03 - April 30th 2023

  • Workshop 04 - May 07th 2023

  • Workshop 05 - May 14th 2023

  • Workshop 06 - May 21st 2023

This Offer has a Value of $1500 per person

For a Limited Time Only we offer it to You for

only $600 per Couple!
or if you want to take this workshop with a friend.
Are you ready to give your
Relationship a Foundational Upgrade Now?
Sign up as Couple
for only $600

Thank you!

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Sasha & Moritz have a combined 20 years experience working in the field of sexuality and Relationship. Sasha Trained with worlds leading authority on Orgasmic Meditation, Nicole Daedone— TED talk speaker, author of slow sex, founder of the international female oriented sexuality movement. Moritz worked with international top fashion Icons in foto-shoots for Vogue magazine. Sasha and Moritz are experts in Human Sexuality and show you how to deepen intimacy and have the Sex you want.

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