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Free Live 6 Week

Couples Workshop 

You Will Learn:

- Building Deeper Intimacy in your Partnership

- Communication that truly Works

- The Key to Sex that truly Satisfies You Both

- to Grow Self-esteem Together

- Building Devotional Love for Eachother


Do You have the following challenges and desires in Your Relationship?

You would like to feel emotionally more open and connected in your relationship?

But one of you can't match the other or you struggle with trauma?

You desire deeper commitment with Eachother?

But somehow you keep not matching your lifes up?

You desire more intimacy and have better Sex?

but feel hopeless, numb and frustrated?

You desire to feel valued, approved of and seen in your relationship?

But instead you feel your partner can't get it right.

You are not alone in facing these challenges!

We have helped hundreds of couples see and resolve the root of these issues!

The Collaborative Partnership Intro

This is a FREE, six week, LIVE taught, relationship workshop.

Take your relationship to a whole new level of
depth, authenticity, love and intimacy that makes you feel alive, cherished and valued in your marriage or partnership.

Did You know that most women either don't know what their desire is or struggle to express it in a way that their partner can really act on.
Most Relationships suffer the unfulfilled desire Syndrome!
This Workshop adresses the conflicts from BOTH sides:

Help you express your desires in ways that have HIM want to serve it
And Help Him to feel valued, loved, appreciated and supported in his Masculinity.

Of course sometimes the roles also switch!

This is for couples who:
  • Have desire to look at their Intimacy blocks

  • Have busy lives but are willing to restructure some time to deepening their relationship

  • Want to have more connection with others doing the same honest exploration

  • Desire support for growth and change

  • Are ready to gain skills in communication, understanding one another

  • Engaged and preparing for marriage, or empty nesters with grown children, and everyone in between.

  • Monogamous, Open/Poly, Ethically non-monogamous or whatever kind of commitment works for YOU!

There is so much possibility when you allow yourself to receive support & dedicate only 90 minutes each week.

If these challenges feel familiar, you are not alone and there is a way for you both to feel heard, by each other and start anew, addressing the sticky spots that you may have felt deeply challenged by, in the past. If you invest your time into your connection, you are bound to shift some of the patterns that are not in service to the best version of your partnership.


We have worked with many hopeless cases that felt that there was nothing they could do to shift the already deeply engrained patterns with eachother and we feel so confident about the power of this work that we made this workshop completely FREE!


Gather together with a virtual community of other couples, doing this work together. Learning and sharing and receiving expert support from Moritz & Sasha.

This is a special introduction for you and your partner
and to get a taste of working with us,
inside our membership program!

If you are serious about your Relationship and you feel ready to Grow with your partner then
sign up below for a spot in our program starting March 16th, 2024.
(Six consecutive Saturdays 9:00am-10:30am PST.)

This will be the only free course
we offer for all of 2024.
We are Sasha and Moritz

We are a married Couple teaching Couples how to have Passionate and Inspired Relationships that are geared towards a greater Vision for Life.

Together we have a combined 20 years Experience coaching and teaching Couples. We moved twice across the globe while building a thriving coaching Business and Growing our Family. Sasha is a Certified Professional Midwife and learned from some of the Wisest Women on this Planet about Birth, Sexuality and the Female body. Moritz has rubbed elbows on the world's biggest Fashion shoots with people like Kate moss and Naomi Campbell. Together we are a witty couple that’s helped hundreds of people live Relationship as a practice and Grow towards what they truly Desire.

Screen Shot 2023-06-29 at 1.21.37 PM.png

Why is it a group setting? Do we have to share in front of people?

We find that a group setting can facilitate wonderful change, and opportunities to see how much you truly are not alone in your struggles. You don’t have to share on the calls unless you want to, but we will give you opportunities to share- just with each other (or with the whole group) that will have a deep impact.

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