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The Art of Relationship

More Partnership, Less Arguments and Better Sex
A 6 week Workshop for couples
  • Understand what You really Desire
  • Develop the best communication
  • Turn Arguments into Understanding & connection
  • Feel deeply met in your Sex-life
Bye Bye dysfunctional baggage!


After this workshop you will let go of relationship conditioning that no longer serves you!

We teach You and Your partner how you can create a safe place together to have a level of communication that leads to Breakthroughs in your shared life, your intimacy and changes the way you look at conflicts all together.


No longer will you need to avoid conflicts and withhold your desire because you know how to powerfully hold these things as TRUTH in your Relationship or Family. With this as a basis we step into a level of intimacy that naturally opens you to wanting to be more deeply intimate with eachother. This workshop will open you to a new magnetism and a deeper commitment towards each-other.


Perfectly suited for Professional couples, newly married or those who desire more depth in Relationship.

What you will Learn in the Art of Relationship Workshop:


  • powerful communication tools

  • Somatic body awareness 

  • Ending arguments around Money and other HOT topics in relationship

  • Stepping out of low self-esteem and into empowerment together

  • Feel connected in your desires (even if you want different things)

  • Find your purpose together

  • have sexy Boundaries

  • Creating a safe space for Sexual exploration with your partner

A self paced workshop you can do together with your partner from the comfort of your own home.
We are Sasha and Moritz

We are a married Couple teaching Couples how to have Passionate and Inspired Relationships that are geared towards a greater Vision for Life.

Together we have a combined 20 years Experience coaching and teaching Couples. We moved twice across the globe while building a thriving coaching Business and Growing our Family. Sasha is a Certified Professional Midwife and learned from some of the Wisest Women on this Planet about Birth, Sexuality and the Female body. Moritz has rubbed elbows on the world's biggest Fashion shoots with people like Kate moss and Naomi Campbell. Together we are a witty couple that’s helped hundreds of people live Relationship as a practice and Grow towards what they truly Desire.

What Students Say about
the Art of Relationship:

The Art of Relationship contains:

6 Potent Teaching Modules of each 90min,
that's a total of 9 hours of educational content!

Make it a Date-night with your Partner!

We recommend watching one module per week
This workshop has a Value of $600

For a Limited Time Only we offer it to You for
only $295 per Couple!
Are you ready for a Relationship Upgrade?
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