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For Men

What would be Possible in Your Life if


Anger, Frustration and Fights 


Convert to


Creativity, Love and Connection?

Do you feel like you are:
Disrespected, Unappreciated, Not enough,
Uncared for or Used


And possibly You struggle with some or all of this:

Arguments, Anger outbursts,

Running from relationships, Loneliness,

Massive amounts of frustration

Would You like to take your Life back
by Mastering these Feelings and your Relationship?

I want to teach you how to:


Master your Energy (like anger)

Transmute strong feelings 

Turn arguments back into connection

Stay committed

Be a Leader in your Relationship with women

Feel love again instead of hate, upset and resentment

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I am Moritz and it's Great to meet you!

I have been working for many years on the world's top fashion Photoshoots with people like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and many more. This was an incredible time of my life where the Energy was ALWAYS running HIGH! At a certain time, I realized

that I was struggling to handle more and I experienced a deep bottom. I fought with addiction and had a hard time understanding myself. I learned from some of the best Teachers in the field of Relationship and my wife and I have been Teaching couples about intimacy and connected relationships for a combined 20 years now. I teach men how to master energy and strong feelings and to turn conflict into connection and flow.

The men I work with repeatedly report feeling respected and appreciated by their families and loved ones for the work they have done with me.

I know you are trying to heal
and I want to support you!

What would be possible in your life if you were not entangled in these problems, like low self esteem, relationship arguments and Anger issues?


Imagine all the time and energy that would be available to you!

If you would like to explore the possibilities,
I encourage you to come to my upcoming
Free Live Seminar:

May 20, 2023, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM PDT
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