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Welcome Mama, this is the safe space for you to push the inner reset button that literally equals you having more time

In the Mothers' moon collective you are held in the capable hands of homebirth midwife and High end coach for feminine Leadership and embodiment arts, Sasha Kerkmann Hood.

Her essence is a Full heart of compassion with a fierce rightness to own and receive desire and create flow.

Sasha is leading a High maintenance entrepreneurial life wile holding a toddler and a powerful marriage and understands the pains and challenges that come with the maternal lifestyle in modern times.

She is a full-time alchemist and deeply sees people in ways that helps them create new perspectives and ways to manifest the support and lifestyle that truly resonates for them and their desires.


As a Mama myself, I know the Challenge!

I thought:

  • I need to hold it all alone

  • Everybody is judging my decisions

  • I don't know who I am 

  • There just isn't enough time

  • I have to sacrifice myself

  • If I don't do it, nobody will

  • my needs are less important

the cost of this is so high ladies! I have been there and I don’t like myself in this spot nor do I enjoy being a mother from this mindset. It costs me my marriage, my financial flow and I will stay stuck in my smallness.

Mothers in community are
the answer to this!

I have been loved into my brilliance by women and lead this tradition further for you.

I know I used to belive that self sacrafice and waiting for the kids to be older was my strategy but the truth is only if you take care of yourself and you learn how to fill up will you be able to show up and manifest the ease, well-being and power in your family and marriage lead by patience and compassion. Only a FULL woman can do that.

The Mothers' Moon Collective membership offers exactly that!


Here is what you get:

  • Learn to set clear intentions

  • Learn to Understand your needs and desires

  • Fill up in sisterhood

  • Get steeped in truth and Met with compassion 



This is for the mother of any stage, a women who want to get into deeper wisdoms and connection with her soul and desire and her own identity and not for do me queens

As a bonus!

  • a whatsapp & Facebook Group

  • a set of recorded calls for you to listen on your own timeline.

  • regular guest teachers who share valuable tools and wisdom.


Even for Me as teacher I get regularly surprised with how much I just learn through the guests and groups!

I trust in this group so deeply that if you are not satisfied offer a


money back guarantee!

If you hear the call for Community, truth, sisterhood and you KNOW that filling your CUP is going to be the thing that will respark your energy and your life, ignite your family with you as a Powerhouse then come join us now and dive right in.


$65 per month

Who Are We
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