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Moritz Kerkmann Hood


let me introduce myself to you...

I am a coach and Mentor for Men and Women who are looking to have a deep and authentic connection to who they truly are. I support people as a way finder and I uncover what isn’t true. My specific areas of work are relationship, sexuality and creativity.


The way I live my life is in a constant inquiry on what is true for me and I constantly challenge  established concepts, even my own! My work connects you to what is truly energising and flow bringing and sets you on an entirely new path.


The way I look at relationship is radically different

and aims at true authentic self expression that still can be in a committed

and connected relationship with another human being.

My wife of 6 years and myself teach and coach together as couple about various forms of Relationship that are custom tailored to help both people in the relationship to be fully themselves and grow into the acceptance of one another. We do this to help people to be free of a performance based and codependent way of relating that ultimately tries to circumvent the fear of loosing a partner if one drops the mask and the performance. People we work with describe feeling a connection that goes beyond words and connects the couple beyond our usual concept of physical space and time.

The deep core of my work revolves around sobriety and the dismantling of depression, fear and anxiety at a somatic level and I specifically help people to reclaim lost aspects of themselves within their own abandoned shadow. To me all aspects of shadow are like abandoned ruins, they are full of potential and authenticity.


I rid myself of alcohol and nicotine addiction in a very unique way that cleared any craving completely and instantly and I teach principles and philosophy that can help you do the same.


I am sober but I have relationship to plant teachers and help people have healing relationship with plants that are not leading back into addiction.


At last, I have freed myself of the slavery of my own mind to work a nine to five job and I have come to find a connection to a higher guidance and flow that allows me a more fluent and natural feeling with money. This practice has made me free of a chronic burnout and a feeling of existential entrapment in the Societal machine and I help people to find their own personal compass that leads them to a more joyful, serene and fulfilling relationship to their purpose and financial independence.


At last, I am a father, natural Builder, land developer, and holder of transformational spaces and a psychedelic guide.

If you are interested in getting to know me,

Work with me,

Seek my guidance,

Or have me teach at one of your events,

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sign up for a 30 min get to know eachother conversation.

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