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We are Sasha and Moritz

We are a married Couple teaching Couples how to have Passionate and Inspired Relationships that are geared towards a greater Vision for Life.

Together we have a combined 20 years Experience coaching and teaching Couples. We moved twice across the globe while building a thriving coaching Business and Growing our Family. Sasha is a Certified Professional Midwife and learned from some of the Wisest Women on this Planet about Birth, Sexuality and the Female body. Moritz has rubbed elbows on the world's biggest Fashion shoots with people like Kate moss and Naomi Campbell. Together we are a witty couple that’s helped hundreds of people live Relationship as a practice and Grow towards what they truly Desire.

The Intimacy Discovery Session
is a deliberate two on two session where you get to feel the safe space we hold for you to drop in, open and intimately vision together with Your Partner and Us.
We help you draw out your desires and needs in your Partnership and the challenges you may be facing.
Based on that discovery we Co-design the ideal container in wich you get to receive our support and guidance.
Taking a Leap towards what you want in YOUR Relationship takes Courage!

We know that it can be challenging to admit you desire to grow towards your partner.

But unless you share it, it won’t happen!

We know sometimes one of you feels on the fence about growing,

but now its the time to ask your partner to get up and dance with you!

We know finances and time can be a challenge

but unless you commit to carve them out you will settle for a reality without growth.

Nobody likes to spend money on “spiritual” non material things but take our word, the investment in your relationship growth materializes like nothing else does.

This is for couples who:
  • Feel ready to GROW into more intimacy & Connection

  • Take their Relationship Seriously

  • Feel ready to invest in themselves and put in the work

  • Desire High-level support for growth and change

  • Are Ready to have better Communication, Sex and more flow in their Partnership

  • Want to feel truly Met, Seen and Challenged

What Happens during an Intimacy Discovery Session?
  • We connect

  • We hold space for your desire

  • Anything you like to discuss is welcome in this safe and confidential space here!

  • We look at who you as a couple would like to BECOME

  • What is in the way?

  • At the end we share how our work can support you

  • At the end we will make you an offer and discuss your options

Do you want to take your Sex and intimacy to a deeper and more authentic level?

This is a phenomenal chance for you and your partner and a Highly valuable offer!

If you are serious about your Relationship and you feel ready to Grow with your partner then
sign up below for a Complementary Session with
Sasha & Moritz


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