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Womens Group
Grass Valley

A Local Space

to Grow in Sisterhood

  • One Group Meeting per week

  • We ask YOU to commit to show up twice a month

  • 6.30-8pm Thursdays

What it Looks like
when I stand clearly in my POWER:


Show up, Stop apologizing, make mistakes and drop my perfectionism

Speak my desires, Even if people disapprove of them,

Gain awareness of what is my responsibility and what is not,

My partner might say no, but I hold the desire firmly.


Holding myself and what I know in my bones in reverence and with gentle care.

Sasha Kerkmann Hood

is a Mother, Midwife, and Relationship & Sexuality coach, and teacher of intuition, and desire. She owns a business alongside her husband, Moritz, working with couples on creating partnerships that foster relationship to personal power, respect and care, deepening connection and intimacy. Sasha believes in living life guided by desire and fueled by connection purpose. In her 14 years of experience as a coach, she sees a thread of supporting women and couples who claim their power and autonomy, in Relationship to themselves, their partners, families and communities.

Womens Group
Grass Valley
$65 Per month
Womens Group +
Grass Valley
+ One Coaching Session Per Month
with Sasha Kerkmann Hoood
$130 Per month
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