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Create Your Dream Partnership

- Cultivate Intimacy that feeds your Soul

- Master Transformational Communication

- Experience your full Sexual potential 

- Become a Powerful Couple

- Find Honeymoon quality Love

-Access our Relationship Special Secrets!

Claim Your Spot as

Do You have the following challenges and desires in Your Relationship?

You long to feel deeply seen and met in your partnership so you can Open your heart fully in devotion to your Partner?

But one of you can't match the other or you struggle with trauma and resentment?

You secretly long to scratch that itch that your current sex can't quite touch?

But somehow you can't communicate to your partner how to access this satisfaction you crave?

You desire more harmony and surrender to feel resourced and energized?

but feel hopeless, numb and frustrated?

You desire to have your partner just get you or for your partner to finally appreciate all you do?

But instead... you feel your partner can't get it right and you feel tired of the complaints?

You are not alone in facing these challenges!

We have helped hundreds of couples see and resolve the root of these issues!

You have taken the Free 6 Week workshop with us for the basics!

No? Then read no further, and get our free workshop first!

Free workshop: Click here

If You have completed the 6 week Intro Workshop:

You have touched on someething with us but you realize that in order to integrate the full potential into your Partnership, You have to practice and continue this work! We can only scratch the surface of what is possible for you in your Partnership and Your Life as a couple!

We have a Vision for you!

Your Life has a custom tailored path waiting for you!

And we would be honored to support you on this Journey to deep intimacy and a Visionary Partnership!

This path is for Women who are connected to their Desire and Embodied Power

and for Men who are Sensitive with an Open Heart and a Passion for Truth!

This is for couples who:

  • Have desire to look at their Intimacy Blocks

  • Have busy lives, but are willing to restructure some time to deepening their relationship

  • Want to have more connection with others doing the same honest exploration

  • Desire support for growth and change

  • Are ready to gain skills in communication, understanding one another.

  • Engaged and preparing for marriage, or empty nesters with grown children, and everyone in between.

  • Monogamous, Open/Poly, Ethically Non-Monogamous or whatever kind of commitment works for YOU!


What is the:



This membership is a space to join us for REGULAR CALLS, get to actually PRACTICE the tools you need to flourish in your partnership.


It is HARD to do this work alone, with a book, and behind closed doors. WE have found that doing this kind of work in a community setting helps us let go of shame and the idea that we are alone in our challenging experiences. THE CP membership is a COMMUNITY to learn and be a part of.


You get the support and insight of two very experienced coaches who will support you both in GROUP COACHING where we teach TRANSFORMATIONAL TOOLS  and privately with you and your partner if you choose to add A-la-carte coaching. (A-la-carte coaching is only available within the Membership!)



We have worked with SO MANY COUPLES, from brand new in partnership to empty nesters, and EVERYONE in between.


What they find is that the path to learning about themselves and each other is simply more fun, more effective and more powerful when they have the support of COACHING and COMMUNITY.


This is an amazing place to bring your feelings, your desire for deeper connection with your partner, desire for MORE TIME to actually focus on the relationship and cultivate the electric and playful, safe, and sexy expression of your relationship. RELATIONSHIP is a SACRED PASSAGE. When we allow ourselves to receive support and holding as we are learning new paths of intimacy and relating, the results are PROFOUND.




Each Month there are 5 calls:



-you bring your shares and

Moritz and Sasha dive into coaching

with Each couple who has desire for support.

(1st and 3rd Saturday of the month)



1 Women’s ONLY CALL with SASHA

1 Men’s ONLY CALL with @moritz



Plus One SPECIAL TOPIC CALL per month!

(Sex, Open Relationship, Money, Magic, Intuition building, etc)

Where we teach about our relationship secrets followed by Coaching and a Q&A session.

If YOU feel this as a desire in YOUR Body,
GO Follow it, trust that Gut Instinct if it is a YES!
Bring up the courage to express this desire and share it with your partner.
We trust this work and have seen what it can do for Couples!

If you are ready, go ahead and claim your Seat below!
We are Sasha and Moritz

We are a married Couple teaching Couples how to have Passionate and Inspired Relationships that are geared towards a greater Vision for Life.

Together we have a combined 20 years Experience coaching and teaching Couples. We moved twice across the globe while building a thriving coaching Business and Growing our Family. Sasha is a Certified Professional Midwife and learned from some of the Wisest Women on this Planet about Birth, Sexuality and the Female body. Moritz has rubbed elbows on the world's biggest Fashion shoots with people like Kate moss and Naomi Campbell. Together we are a witty couple that’s helped hundreds of people live Relationship as a practice and Grow towards what they truly Desire.


Screen Shot 2023-06-29 at 1.21.37 PM.png
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per month


Why is it a group setting? Do we have to share in front of people?

We find that a group setting can facilitate wonderful change, and opportunities to see how much you truly are not alone in your struggles. You don’t have to share on the calls unless you want to, but we will give you opportunities to share- just with each other (or with the whole group) that will have a deep impact.

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