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A woman who is able to express and be seen in Her full expression of LOVE is a POWERFUL Woman!

Do you want to have a space and community to be guided to master this skill set?
Are you ready to claim fully what is your birthright as a woman and use to to cultivate connection and intimacy?

If you have felt disconnected from your own body, or like you can’t quite access how you want to move forward, there is a new path, a light inside the darkness. 

A place where you can come into a new relationship with fear that once stood between you and the belief that HAVING your life TRULY the way YOU WANT it was even a possibility. 

Maybe you feel like you are doing it alone, not feeling supported by a partner or community. Maybe you have partnership but don’t feel met or seen within it. Maybe your desires aren’t fully in line with your chosen partner or the men you choose seem to just not have the same willingness and desire to seek spiritual solutions. 

The key to unlocking these things comes in relationship to your own POWER. I am leading a group of women through a series of gates- in a group coaching circle format- to connect with the POWER in themselves, learn how to cultivate it, really work deeply with what has pulled you down before and help you find your own alignment to change your life to feel more connected to yourself, To feel more happiness in your womanhood and your motherhood.

Apply for your Spot here:

(Currently Full apply for waitlist spot)

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