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LEAD Your Life

A intuitive approach to be successful with women
and mastering your own life.


  • Create spaces that women trust and has them open and surrender to Your leadership

  • Understand what You really Desire in Bed and have Women Want to give it to you

  • Become a man who truly face challenges with an open heart

  • A man who leads a way of a life in abundance without Fear

  • Deeply Understand who You are and what Purpose means

  • Become a lover who women find irresistible

  • Lead the way in your Relationship

You Will Learn:

  • Your partner doesn’t trust you (maybe She is complaining a lot)

  • You don’t have the kind of sex you want

  • You have too little sex

  • You feel like you are not good enough

  • your self esteem is low

  • You feel you are not in your Prime energy

  • You struggle with depression, anxiety and low energy and low moods

  • You feel stuck, bored and like you hit the ceiling in your life

  • You are monogamous but unsatisfied

  • You are polygamous or interested in opening your relationship but OMG

  • You had issues with Addiction;

  • Pornography, substances, codependency etc.

  • You find it hard to know your place and purpose

  • You are stuck in a Rudd and your feel unfulfilled in your job

Are You Challenged by some of these?

998A8515 1.jpg

Does this ring a bell for you? It Does for me!

Most important:

You are done believing that the Alpha male or Machismo approach will work for you.


You don’t want to “suck it up”, "Man up",

Swallow your feelings and turn into a senseless Man machine just to "succeed" at life and gain respect.

A Inner Revolution!

I want to help you find a entirely new approach to how you handle your life!

In fact a new approach on how you see, feel and perceive yourself!

A way that brings out the brilliance in you and regards you as a Man with gifts and not just a dude who needs to pack muscle to make it!


This is for men who are wizards, intuitive, creative

or have a gift they don’t understand jet.


There has been a huge gap in your education that keeps you from accessing what you want. Its not your fault! But only you can change this!


Rightnow you are Husteling, struggling and grinding to get what you want and you are running your own energy into the ground.


This Usually happens to muscles in our body if they are being used to compensate for other INACTIVE muscles. It is what happens when you have a injury and you start limping instead.


Just that for you, this muscle has turned into a mask behind wich you are hiding and you think that one day you grow into this mask.


But You won’t because this mask has never been yours in the first place!


And you have missed to engage some core muscles that could make your experience with women and the rest of your life so much easier!

And I am here to teach you how to rediscover your true Gifts and your real Power!



Moritz Kerkmann Hood

I have been in your shoes, maybe even worse!

I have apprenticed with the worlds biggest artists and I rubbed elbows with people like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Nicole Kidman.

BUT I was miserable and felt out of place! I struggled with Addiction and my life was falling apart. I gave up and was homeless for a wile.


I had a huge Awakening at my lowest point wich Lead me to a New Beginning.


Today I am a gifted Intuitive Leader for many men.

The Women I am intimate with trust me as a man who facilitates healing and their Journey into greater pleasure.


I am a father and committed husband and I am currently my families home with my own hands from scratch, out in nature where I love to be the most.


I lead groups and teach on events where I show men how to facilitate powerful and intimate moments with women that truly create authentic Intimacy and Connection.

What is it like to work with Moritz
as a Coach and Mentor?

Dean: I have worked with many coaches over the years and nothing has impacted me like the work with Moritz. His work has helped me understand and rediscover the truth about who I am.

Rob H.: Moritz is a wonderful coach and guide in my journey to better relationship with myself, my family and my colleagues. He is one of the most compassionate and understanding voices in my life. He encourages me to seek a deeper and more fulfilling solution to my problems, listens and helps me identify the root causes, and is available when I need him. I highly recommend him! Rob Hyler 

Max W.: Working with Moritz I feel deeply seen and more importantly felt. He know when to slow down and when to bring the deep truth. He has tremendous patience and space for everything.  and it all is received and transmitted with love. You can feel him feeling you!💖

Garrett.:  The coaching I have experienced since I have been working with Moritz has been valuable to my growth in numerous ways. Once we got to know each other better by talking about the topics in my life that need attention, he was able to give an honest and thought provoking analysis that really helped my emotional self release shame and guilt from past experiences. He does an exemplary job at giving and showing compassion to others in a variety of ways. Uncomfortable and sometimes awkward conversations about sex, relationships, careers, sibling dynamics and family discourse become easier to discuss with Moritz since his approach gives each individual the freedom to process and resolve conflicts at their own pace. I would recommend his coaching skills to anyone.

What Clients Say:


My Offer to You

Discover your ENERGETIC LEADER In a personal one to one session


This is a 45min one on one conversation with me Via zoom!

Where you can share about your currently situation and what you wish to Create!


We look at the underlying blocks and design a Vision together.


At the end of this call you are invited to take a next Step with me.

Usually men work between 3-6 months and sometimes up to a year with me and

this commitment starts at about $2900. This is an investment in Yourself that brings solid Returns! 

If You are a Man who is Serious about making a change in these areas of your life

and you are ready to invest this amount and your own time and energy,

then go ahead and sign up for a ENERGY LEADER Discovery call with me now.



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